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arrival drinks.

Choice of welcome cocktail, CRISP made softs, fruit infused water, Estrella Galicia beer.
cava sangria.
silver sangria.
flat white peach, honey & thyme bellini. 

Fresh fruit puree made with a blend of strawberries, bananas and peaches, our secret sangria syrup recipe using a blend of infused spirits and infusions. Mixed together with brut cava and fresh berries and fruits giving a perfect blend of freshness.

"Our tried and tested welcome drink which has evolved with Crisp over the past decade."

Blanc de Blanc Cava, CRISP-MADE clarified Melon and pineapple juice. Pineapple-infused rum, grape and melon liquor. Fresh berries, orange and mint.


“We went back to the drawing board completely on how to deliver a transparent and clear sangria while still giving a powerful flavour typical to a cava sangria. We juice our own clear juices from fresh fruits and utilise infusions to make the syrup which adds sweetness.”

Flat white peach puree, honey and thyme syrup, brut cava.


"The bellini is one of the all-time classics. Our take eliminates the hyper-sweet versions with our homemade subtle syrup that’s

infused with hints of honey and thyme. Presented elegantly in a flute with a sprig of fresh thyme."

welcome cocktails.

CRISP made softs.

pink lemonade. 
sherbert lemonade.
stawberry & basil iced tea.
flat white
honey &
We take pride in putting conventional soft drinks to one side and use local ingredients paired with nutritious ingredients to create delicious, refreshing, interesting alternatives to the welcome cocktails that ensure that the guests that aren't drinking do not feel left out of the celebration and are suitably "hydrated".
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